Alliance Chemical Industries


Product Name Application
ALLAMINE-­D Paste It is a versatile soaping and washing agent as well as anti migrating agent for all type of fabrics in dyeing and printing.
ALLAMINE-­AFT Specially designed leveling agent for disperse dyeing of polyester. Also helps in dispersion of dye bath.
ALLAMINE-­DLA An efficient levelling agent for polyester dyeing also shows superior dispersing properties.
ALLAMINE-­AS An eco friendly diffusion accelerant with very good swelling and migrating properties for dyeing of polyester with disperse colors.
ALLAMINE-­405 A high performance multipurpose specialty chemical for dyeing of polyester fabrics with disperses dyes. It also superior in prevention of oligomer deposits and machine staining.
ALLAMINE-­DFT An economical leveling agent for polyester fabrics with disperses dye. It produces the dispersed even and uniform dyeing of goods.
ALLAMINE-­PHB A multipurpose low foam pH regulator with very good dispersing and levelling characteristics throughout disperse dyes cycle in disperse dye bath. Being a non volatile organic product it also ensures correct acidity in applicant print past while disperse color printings.
ALLAMINE-­DDS A high performance dispersing agent for faultless dyeing of polyester fiber, yarn or fabrics in both normal and low liquor dyeing machines.
ALLAMINE-­ACB Conc. It is a concentrated novel buffer system for dyeing disperses dyes with dispersing and chelating properties.
ALLAMINE-­ADF An eco-­friendly formaldehyde free dye-­fixing agent of very high standard for reactive and direct dyes on cellulosic fiber, yarn and fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­LAD Newly developed levelling agent for better levelling and dispersing properties in shorter time.
ALLAMINE-­ELV A leveling agent for dyeing of polyester with disperses dye. It has superior emulsifying and dispersing properties as well as good levelling performance. Prevent machine staining.
ALLAMINE-LAXIRACID An ideal substitute for acetic acid can be used as a neutralizing agent and pH adjuster in various dyeing process via polyester dyeing, wool, silk dyeing, and acrylic dyeing and in finishing process. It is also very much suitable for cotton, flex and hemp fiber, yarn or fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­DBI It is economical yet very effective acid buffer with dispersing and sequestering properties.
ALLAMINE-­DAP It is an excellent specialty chemical with leveling; dispersing, penetrating and exhaustive properties for rapid dyeing of disperse dyes. It acts as regulator for diffusion and migration of disperse dyes in to the polyester fiber and fabrics at an elevated temperature resulting better leveling and dispersing of dyes.
ALLAMINE-­RCA An eco friendly low foaming speciality chemical with powerful reducing action which replaces sodium hydro sulphite and caustic soda in reduction clearing of disperse dyeing and printing.
ALLAMINE-­SSW A high performance swelling cum scouring agent for 100 % polymer dyeing with disperses dyes.
ALLAMINE-­1405 A single stage dyeing auxiliary for disperse color dyeing with multiple attributes of scouring, swelling, penetrating, stain removing, lubricating, wetting, leveling and dispersing.
ALLAMINE-­LAR A very good disperses ion and leveling agent for reactive dyeing of cotton and viscose resulting uniform depth (centre to selvedge) and consistency. It is effective in the prevention of scum due to calcium ion.