Alliance Chemical Industries


Products Name Application
ALLAMINE-HD A unique and perfect desizing agent for synthetic fabrics and its blends.
ALLAMINE-DES It is a concentrated powerful desizing agent. It removes all types of sizes very efficiently polyester fabrics and its blends.
ALLAMINE-KLD A high performance desizing cum scouring agent for 100%.
ALLAMINE-NIS It is a nonionic sourcing agent with wetting and emulsifying properties. It is an efficient scouring ad for cotton, synthetic woven and knitted fabrics. Preferably for scouring and washing of goods on soft flow machine or jet dyeing machine.
ALLAMINE-CSA A concentrated eco-friendly APEO free specialty chemical fot scouring of cotton yarn or fabrics and its blends.
ALLAMINE-DSA It is a very effective desizing agent for synthetic fabrics. It has a blend of nonionic surfactants having suitable chain of alcohols, designed to emulsifying oils, acrylates and other polymers.
ALLAMINE-SSA Excellent scouring and swelling agent based on solvents for cotton, synthetics and their blends.
ALLAMINE-­ZFC It is low foam / zero foam scouring agent for cotton fiber / fabrics and its blends with polyester and other natural and synthetics fibers.
ALLAMINE-­ESD An excellent scouring agent with good washability as well as wetting power and impurities leaching out action in all continuous & conventional pretreatment process.
ALLAMINE-­ND It is a nonionic wetting agent and detergent stable in high alkali and peroxide bleach bath. It suitable for all types of fibers, yarn, fabrics and their blends.
ALLAMINE-­SWA It is a high performance concentrated scouring and swelling agent for polyester and its blends. It swells and opens the punches of the rotto fibers and fills the gap i.e. interspaces between wrap even / uniform and deep dyeing.
ALLAMINE-­014 A concentrated solvent base scouring and cleaning agent for all type of fabrics viz. polyester, nylon, cotton, viscose etc. and their blends.
ALLAMINE-­MPA A specialized high power concentrated surface tension reducing and purifying agent to remove natural impurities and added substance during sizing (starches, polymers, lubricants etc.) and contaminations (dirt, stains & spots) while handling from all type of yarn and fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­SSS A powerful scouring, swelling and wetting agent for all types of fabrics, even for removing black stains.
ALLAMINE-­SVW It is a unique scouring agent made very safe yet very effective surfactants for pretreatment of wool / viscose fiber / yarn / fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­ASH A very good scouring agent cum stain remover with degreasing properties for all kinds of fiber / yarn / fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­SCA It is highly concentrated solvent based scouring agent with powerful agent with powerful wetting and emulsifying properties.
ALLAMINE-­OTL A powerful wetting and rewetting agent for instant action in all preparations such as scouring, dyeing, finishing of natural and synthetic fibers, yarns or fabrics and their blends where rapid wetting is necessary.
ALLAMINE-­ASA A sequestering and water softening agent can be used at the time of pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing processes and after soaping of reactive and disperse dyeing & printing.
ALLAMINE-­SDA It is a wonderful scouring agent with dispersing, levelling and metal complex properties. It can be use as a single bath dyeing agent for synthetic fabrics without ant addition other dyeing assistants.
ALLAMINE-­HAE Powerful concentrated scouring agent with wetting properties, degreasing, factor wax dissolving and stain removing properties.
ALLAMINE-­CMA A stable low foam powerful penetrating agent for event and uniform mercerization. It contains no cresylic acid.
ALLAMINE-­ESA It is an eco friendly scouring agent cleans the fiber / fabrics of cotton and synthetics perfectly for further process of dyeing and printing.
ALLAMINE-­ESD A very concentrated eco friendly wetting agent and detergent makes the fiber / fabrics clean and ready to dye.
ALLAMINE-­FBOL It is a powerful desizing agent for synthetic fabrics and scouring agent for all types of fabrics. It has excellent wetting, emulsifying and detergent properties.
ALLAMINE-­DWA A unique and effective deweighting agent for best result of normal to high weight reduction of polyester fabrics at reduced caustic consumption.
ALLAMINE-­HPS A very effective silicate free organic stabilizer with sequestering and dispersing properties in peroxide bleaching bath to obtain full white fabrics without catalytic damage.
ALLAMINE-­PN A peroxide neutralizing agent that liquidates any peroxide present on fabric after bleaching to prevent hydrolysis of reactive dye stuff at the time of dyeing against risk of color loss.
ALLAMINE-­RDA A high temperature stable enzyme base desizing agent to hydrolyze natural polysaccharides coating while sizing of yarn for cotton and blended fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­CCA It is a state of art high powered lubricating and gliding agent to prevent crease, crack marks, chase marks, rope marks and pilling. It is also stable at higher temperature and sheer-­forces.