Alliance Chemical Industries


Product Name Application
ALLAMINE-­AHT An excellent printing accelerator for developing disperses dye prints on polyester fabrics by loop ager / thermo fixing. Bright & clear prints are obtained by it in both the methods of color fixation.
ALLAMINE-­DEF A sillicone base best antifoaming agent which acts without affecting scouring, dyeing & printing efficiency. It processes excellent stability at high temperature and pressure.
ALLAMINE-­WASH X A concentrated soaping and washing off agent which acts for soaping of fabrics printed with reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes. Improve to eliminate the un used colours and remove the staining of white ground.
ALLAMINE-­AX 30 It is a concentrated powerful wetting and penetrating agent even at low concentration giving rise to effective penetration action required in the process of printing of textiles.
ALLAMINE-­WAP It is a low foam wetting agent specially developed for polyester printing. It is found highly effective to achieve best printing results under normal working environment.
ALLAMINE-­CAP Conc. It is highly concentrated chealting agent by virtually eliminating the negative effect of metal ions during printing of textiles.