Alliance Chemical Industries


Product Name Application
ALLAMINE-­ACS A non-­yellowing softener in concentrated form. It gives extra ordinary smooth silky softness to the fabrics treated with it.
ALLAMINE-­ELS A specially developed finishing agent for cotton, synthetic fabrics and its blends which when properly used results in excellent drapability, bouncing effect, stretch to back property, resilience, bulkiness etc.
ALLAMINE-­EPB A unique one of its kind and noble TEXTTILE FINISHING SPECIALTY CHEMICAL. It is being used as a perfect handle modifier for all types of fabrics made from natural, synthetics fibers and their blends.
ALLAMINE-­XSL Silicon emulsion for luster feel and inner & surface smoothness with bulkiness.
ALLAMINE-­DF60 A co-polymer product based on modified silicon fluids. It produces superior softness / dryness with crispy effect and bulkiness. It is suitable product for 60 gm variety to obtain outstanding finish.
ALLAMINE-­DR It is specially formulated emulsion vinyl acetate monomer for versatile application in finishing of fabrics. It offers body without stiffness, supplimers and improved full hand.
ALLAMINE-­PUF A unique softener based on polyurethane resin imparts peach finish effect on treated goods.
ALLAMINE-­SDS An Innovative softener which imparts full soft and dry feel to the treated polyester fabrics with liveliness. It also helps in making the material bulky with remarkable softness which increases the appeal of the fabric.
ALLAMINE-­ LX SOFT (Conc.) A unique textile finishing agent which imparts good inner as well as surface smoothness, softness, resulting outstanding appealing luster and fabulous rich feel on polyester and its blends with viscose and cotton fibers.
ALLAMINE-­CSB A non /low yellowing cationic softener, which produce softness of highest degree along with weighting effect and bulkiness to cotton / synthetic fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­SFC A concentrated anionic softener with better hydroscopicity and can be diluted easily.
ALLAMINE-­PAS A modified non yellowing softener in concentrate from for nylon fabrics imparts a silky and infant like feel (extremely soft) which is particularly desirable in ladies garments like dupattas, scarf, etc.
ALLAMINE-­LFS It is a modified silicon softener of superior quality imparts excellent smoothness, inner softness with shiny / luster effect to cotton / synthetic fabrics.
ALLAMINE-­ARS A highly concentrated reactive softener has a strong affinity for cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon, woolen fabrics and garments.
ALLAMINE-­ELS It is a modified silicon elastomer which imparts excellent softeners and elastomeric feel to all kind of fabrics. It enhance elasticity prevent wrinkle formation in fabric.
ALLAMINE-­TRS It is an anionic softener for terry towels and fabric for children wear. It produces excellent softness antistatic and hydrophilic characteristics to the treated goods.
ALLAMINE-­HSOF (Conc.) A highly concentrated specially formulated silicon softener which when applied on the fabrics imparts. It is a good bouncy feel along with excellent inner and surface smoothness. It has very good hydrophilic properties.
WETSOFT-­AC An eco-­friendly non yellowing hydrophilic softener for cotton fiber, yarn and fabrics to provide multiple attributes of very soft and smooth hand feel high absorbency with instantaneous effect. With the help of Wet soft–AC the appearance of course yarn can be improved substantially by laying down the projected loose fiber.
ALLAMINE-­ASS A modified micro amino-silicon emulsion with special with special additives that imparts excellent inner-­softness, surface smoothness, and silky feel on all kinds of fiber, yarn and fabrics made from polyester or its blends.
ALLAMINE-­HMF It is a modified acrylate monomer based emulsion for finishing of all kind of fabrics cotton / synthetics. It offers softness / suppleness with flexible full hand.
ALLAMINE-­PUR A new class of softener and one component product for the permanent rich finish and to impart exceptional softness, conditioning properties and resistance to water borne spots and stains.
ALLAMINE-­ISB Modified micro amino silicon with special addictives that imparts excellent softness, surface smoothness, silkiness and waxy feel on all kinds of fiber, yarn and fabrics. It is highly exhaustible.
ALLAMINE-­DIS(CONC) A highly concentrated wash durable softening agent for cotton feels to the polyester fabrics and its blends with a soft non-­slippery smooth and supple finish.
ECOSOFT-­TRK An environment friendly epoxy modifier softener which imparts excellent durable surface smoothness and inner softness along with appealing luster.
ECOSOFT-­VVM It is an eco-­friendly high grade softener having new generation functional polymeric modified compound.